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Business Promotional Gifts – Great for Any Industry

Business Promotional Gifts – Great for Any Industry

Corporations small and large take advantage of giving away promotional gifts during trade shows, conventions, and business meetings. The following are some of the most effective promotional items that have greatly aided in the advertising campaigns of business owners

Stationeries and Pens

Stationery items are popular with business executives. Again, you can imprint them with your company name, logo, and contact information. These come in handy as your client uses them in their everyday tasks. Pens are perhaps the most popular promotional gifts today as they can be used inside and outside the workplace

Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are always present in office cubicles and conference rooms. They will be most appreciated by company executives and staffers. Suppliers like Office Range will print your company logo or anything that you want and have a variety of colors and sizes

Tote Bags

Travel bags, (or tote bags) make ideal promotional gifts if you are working on a “sample goodie bag” of their products. If you work in the travel industry, you could give away tote bags and travel bags bearing your company logo to potential clients.


Shirts bearing the company name and logo are one of the most welcomed gifts for the most discerning client or potential customer. They are useful and practical. You can print shirts in different colors and designs. You could even put your company slogan on the shirts.

These are just some of the most common options you could consider when deciding on the appropriate gift items you would like to give away. Always keep in mind your target market and the nature of your business to make it easier to find the perfect giveaway items.

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